Gallows Harbor Treasure Hunt

America's Greatest Treasure Hunt

The crystal skull treasure is 1 of 7 treasures that has been hidden for the Gallows Harbor Treasure Hunt. It is filled with precious gems and coins and is signed by actor Dan Akroyd. Worth a small fortune this treasure is the first to be hidden in a hunt that spans three states and follows a story-line of witchcraft, occult practices and true murders in the Ghost Town of Gallows Harbor.

‘The Reality that is Gallows Harbor’
Gallows Harbor is more ominous than its name sounds. It’s a real place where real people have died. What haunts this ghost town is a matter of conjecture but history says that you never go there after dark or when the fog rises out of the ravines
There are few things strange as reality; for as the saying goes “the truth is often stranger than fiction”. So it is, for reality comes to us playing many roles, disguised as all manner of things, hiding its true identity. We have to question, what is reality and what is illusion? Some things we think are real may be merely wisps of fog playing on our minds, a magicians trick, sleight of hand and some things we think illusion are merely cloaked in that guise so they may play their parts fully without us ever knowing who or what they are hiding in the shadows; dark secrets perhaps better left unexposed. Witches and bogeymen that go unseen or unrealized until too late; hiding in dark places of our homes and in the minds of those we shouldn’t have trusted

This is one reality; at least we can think it is and it is this reality that starts off a chain of events so strange, we are left to guess whether it was real or whether after all; it was only a horrible nightmare.

Did these events happen by coincidence or by an unknown and unknowable evil that lies crouching for its next victim?
Since there is a thread in our mind that leads through time and memory from what we know to what for sure is beyond knowing. It grows into a rope with a noose and sways high in the dark and dangerous branches of our disbelief, that nothing like this could possibly happen to me. It is tradition that ghosts and witches and various other denizens of the grotesque wrap themselves in the malevolent mists and deep darkness. Horror is a condition existing often when the thing seems most furthest away; when the trust of friends veils the intents of evil so pure that it cannot be recognized until the very end when it is too late. So it would seem unlikely that it would begin a horror so terrible that would to this day haunt a small enclave in north-central Pennsylvania, tearing at the very fabric of their existence
Some tales of the implausible so capture the imagination that they quickly spread over much of the country. The unjust hanging of a man who then haunts an area is such a tale. It is told and retold in North Carolina as the Hanging Tree. In Illinois it is the Noose on the Bridge and in Arkansas it’s Executioners Knoll. Dozens of interviews and hours of newspaper research trace the story’s origin and consequential spread across the country from one small town nestled in the foothills of the Alleghenies in Central Pennsylvania beginning in the late 1600’s; Gallows Harbor

What haunts this ghost town is a matter of conjecture but history says that you never go there after dark or when the fog rises out of the ravines.